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We believe in empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage their energy consumption.
Our sophisticated energy monitoring and analysis systems provide real-time data, shedding light on energy usage patterns and guiding businesses towards energy conservation.

Our diverse range of Energy Monitoring Analyzers are designed to meet the varied energy management needs of businesses. Equipped with advanced technology, these analyzers capture detailed energy usage data, providing critical information that helps businesses make data-driven decisions for energy conservation and sustainability.

What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy monitoring, a critical aspect of operational cost optimization for businesses, addresses several key challenges. Companies often grapple with unchecked energy consumption, inaccurate product-based energy reporting, and system reliability issues. By accurately tracking their energy consumption with KoçDigital solutions, businesses can reduce excessive energy usage, generate precise energy reports, and promptly identify system anomalies, enhancing reliability.

Our energy monitoring and management platform provides a comprehensive solution that drives tangible business outcomes:
* Data Collection: We use tailored hardware to collect energy consumption data, helping you understand your energy usage patterns. Our solution enables to integrate the energy meter simplifying the energy data collection process.
* Data Processing: Our system processes data in real-time, instantly detecting and addressing any alarms or events. This feature proved crucial for our customers, enabling them to maintain uninterrupted power supply, giving them opportunity to analyze real time data.
User-Defined Interfaces: Users can customize their dashboards to visualize the data that matters most and create reports, helping them make informed decisions. One of our customers prepared separate dashboards for each locations whose energy it monitors and was able to use them effectively to compare locations.

Featured Customer Stories

Davos Summit Celebrates Success of Koç Holding’s FireAId Initiative, an AI-driven Project to Predict and Fight Wildfires
TarFireAId is an AI-based initiative developed jointly by KoçDigital and the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry under the guidance of WEF.
The project was cited as an exemplary initiative on a global scale, serving as a space for global climate technology leaders in both industry and government to share, learn and accelerate new, sustainable, data-driven AI for wildfire efforts.
More than 400 variables from 14 different datasets were analyzed using a sophisticated AI-based model.
Model helps public bodies to conduct more precise decision making, saving them precious time.
Tat - Artificial Intelligence Supported Intelligent Water Resources Management Project

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