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KoçDigital mining solutions supports maximizing operational excellence by enabling efficient and safe mining operations with horizontally integrated and digitized mining management systems on a single cloud-based platform.

Business Outcomes from Customer Projects


decrease in downtime durations

5-10% decrease in energy consumption
15-18% decrease at additive materials usage
15-20% increase in mining throughput (extraction & haulage)
2-15% increase in refining equipment operational efficiency
10-30% improvement in maintenance operation costs


01Digital Maturity Assessment

• We perform digital maturity test at the mine site.
• We create a roadmap for the industry 4.0 movement in the standard of SIRI (Smart Industry Readiness Index).
• We undertake full training of the team, and then every step of the operational infrastructure improvement project is developed with the team.

02Pit Operation Solutions

• Dispatch Management
• Mobile Equipment Route Management
• Mobile Equipment Live Status Traction
• Work Order Management
• Mobile Equipment Maintenance Management
• Fuel Traction with Equipment Traction
• Radio System
• Emergency System
• Geographic Map Upload and Definition System
• Shift Management
• Performance Reporting

03Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance provided through Platform360 enables:
• Reduction in unplanned downtime,
• Improvement in overall equipment availability,
• Decrease in maintenance operational costs,
• Optimization of processes.

04Industrial Internet of Things Platform - Infrastructure

• Setting up Platform360, the centralized industrial Internet of Thing platfor, where all processes will be integrated
• On-Premise cloud or hybrid installation options are supported provided
• Scalable infrastructure to support any desired number of sensor connections.
• Network infrastructure is installed in the mining site

Create Value with Digital Mining Technologies

Increases productivity

    The status of work orders and checklists and their realization performance are instantly monitored and operations are followed up more accurately.
    The use of vehicles and their respective data are continuously monitored, ensuring more economical and efficient use.
    The performances of PLC-based mining equipment are also integrated into the system, and the mining value chain is monitored on end to end basis.

Supports safer mining operations

    Risks are constantly monitored with video analytics and IoT sensors, workplace rules such as PPE wearing and social distancing are controlled.
    Safe driving is ensured by monitoring the driving quality of the vehicles.
    Locations of employees and vehicles are tracked ensuring safer operation.

Enables data-driven decision making

    Equipment, workers and machines are connected, forming a digital twin of mining operations.
    Managers can make more accurate, data-driven, easier decisions thanks to the created digital twin.

Delivers competitive edge

    Data processed with advanced analytics creates an opportunity for optimization of maintenance and process costs.
    Monitoring the key performance values of the operations enables more accurate targeting.

Featured Customer Use Case

Leading mining company with mines in different regions of Turkey aims to optimize processes but there was a lack of data prevents optimization.
We selected 3 mines as pilot for digitization requests a platform to collect relevant IoT and other data.

Solution Approach
• Platform360 deployed at KoçSistem cloud and mine fields as edge.
• Edge platform deployments done at mines
- Robust connectivity
- Low latency operations
- Prevent data loss.
• 50 different systems including IoT, ERP and external data collected on platform.
• Analytical solutions deployed on collected data.
• 7000 assets connected.

Business Outcomes
• Enabled customer to build a data science team.
• Deployed 10 pilot IoT analytics use cases which:
- %21 decrease in downtime durations at smelting
- %8 improvement in energy usage
- %17 decrease in usage of additive materials
- Next phases include operational systems.

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