Digital Integrated Planning

Integrated planning has been the major approach among various supply chain structures to synchronize business decisions.

Digital Integrated Planning

Integrated planning has been the major approach among various supply chain structures to synchronize business decisions. With the help of integrated planning, companies obtain:
• A holistic and comprehensive view of the business
• Identify and manage physical flows, information flows and financial flows across the value chain.
• Alignment across different functions, departments, and business units
• Informed and data-driven decision-making.
• Optimization of resources across the organization (i.e., reduced waste, efficient production planning)
• One-number-for-all company
• Improvement of the organization's agility and adaptability
• Risk mitigation with simulation methods
• Framework for performance measurement and tracking

Digital transformation of the supply chains brings the enablement of data-driven integrated planning by streamlining the processes and optimizing business outcomes with various connected advanced analytics solutions. Performance of supply chains evolves from functional focus to internal integration, then through external integration and finally cross-enterprise collaboration.

KoçDigital Integrated Business Planning Approach - Dynamic & Modular Solutions

KoçDigital Integrated Business Planning approach includes modular components of planning processes to provide specialized solutions to the customers. The idea behind this modular approach is to create tailored outputs that will ease the digital transformation road even on a single platform.

Provided solutions are designed to answer questions beyond the number of demands for the upcoming planning cycle such as
• What external and internal factors influence customer demand? Which products or SKUs are likely to experience high demand and require additional inventory?
• How can we align our demand planning with sales and marketing initiatives to maximize revenue?
• What is the optimal production plan to meet customer demand while minimizing costs?
• How can we align our supply planning and resources with demand forecasts and sales projections to optimize inventory and minimize stockouts?
• How can we optimize the allocation of products to different distribution centers or warehouses?

Featured Client Use Cases on Digital Integrated Planning

Data-driven Demand Planning in Consumer Durables Industry

• Tailored advanced analytics demand forecasting models.
• Automated replenishment process trigger ordering with defining optimum inventory level and safety stock.

Business Outcomes

planning accuracy


Days decrease in inventory


Service level

Integrated Business Planning Design in Food Manufacturing Industry

• Identification of push & pull strategies and decoupling points.
• Determination of inventory constraints and service levels on a product and customer basis
• Enablement of supply & demand reconciliation
• Identification of performance metrics, calculation methodology, and deployment

Business Outcomes:
17 action points are determine
5 main processes are designed

Digital Integrated Planning Features

Accurate Demand Forecasting

    KoçDigital Integrated Planning solution combines advanced data analytics techniques, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge technology to deliver reliable and actionable demand forecasts tailored to your specific business needs.

Demand Consensus

    Demand consensus is essential for effective planning because it ensures alignment and agreement among key stakeholders such as sales and marketing regarding anticipated customer demand. KoçDigital Integrated Planning Solution provides visible and tractable interventions on AI results to ease the demand consensus process.
    An effective demand consensus structure:
    • Increases accuracy
    • Improves decision-making process
    • Decreases risk

Supply & Demand Reconciliation

    By achieving a balance between supply and demand, organizations can optimize their operations, improve customer service, and achieve sustainable business growth. The reconciliation of supply and demand is critical for business to improve:
    • Resource Allocation
    • Inventory Management
    • Production Planning
    With digital integrated planning unconstrained demand and supply decisions can be adjusted for the strategic priorities and exceptions.

Flexible Input Data

    Digital integrated planning solutions can vary in industries, strategic roadmaps and external conditions. KoçDigital solutions are designed in a way to integrate different internal (promotions, stocks) and external data (inflation, weather conditions) to improve the solutions and expand the model explainability.

Tailored Developments

    KoçDigital's approach in digital integrated planning focuses on leveraging statistical model results with specialized developments and interventions such as business rules and assumptions.

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