Automotive industry

Turkish automotive industry, which has been the national export champion for many years over, is a pioneering sector that engages in manufacturing with added-value and also having a competitive edge in the global markets.

Its proximity to Europe, receiving investments of giant brands for many decades, valuable experience of global and domestic manufacturers in the supply industry, are the main elements which have placed Turkey at the best forefront position in this industry.

The most important feature that distinguishes the automotive industry from other sectors is its unique organization that constantly follows technological developments and has the ability to adapt quickly. The recent approach of automotive companies is to shed their traditional-manufacturer skins to evolve into an organization that offers the high-end technologies to its customers. From this point of view, the industry has a visionary approach in every subject that adds value to the business processes, such as the internet of things and advanced analytic solutions, which will enable it to stand out from the competition.

If we summarize the concept of “Digital Twin” in a few sentences; We can say that it is the process of virtualizing of a company by modeling a physical process (production, supply chain, etc.). The digital twin trend is an important area where many value-added manufacturing companies, especially those in the automotive sector, have started to invest, and it appears that we will see many more examples of application in the near future.

Products and Solutions


    As KoçDigital, we present the internet of things platform titled Platform 360. By enabling the digital twin of production with the Platform360 Internet of Things product family, we assist our customers to increase their productivity as a technology partner.

02Connected Cars

    In parallel with the development of technology, we see that almost every smart device we use in our daily lives interacts with one another. Vehicles produced today incorporate the technological infrastructure that can offer more than just taking us from one place to another. We are currently experiencing many examples where this infrastructure is used in the areas that will make our lives easier.

03Demand Forecasting

    As KoçDigital, with our competent teams experienced in the sector both in theory and practice, we offer high-end solutions in demand forecasting, one of the most basic needs of the main automotive industry and its supply sectors.

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