Industry 4.0 Transformation and Innovation Consultancy

Industry 4.0 Transformation and Innovation Consultancy

The way of doing business of the industry and related sectors started to change with Industry 4.0, the effect and size of this change is growing increasingly with the development of technology. In this rapidly digitalizing world, it has become a necessity for businesses to adapt and determine their digital transformation roadmaps, to provide competitive advantage and to plan a sustainable future.

Through KoçDigital Industry 4.0 Transformation and Innovation Consultancy Program:

• Business processes are evaluated by expert transformation consultants, and first, the maturity of the business in terms of digital transformation is determined.
• A digital transformation roadmap is created by determining and prioritizing use case scenarios and projects that will create solutions to the outputs of the current maturity analysis and the pain points determined in the process analysis.

KoçDigital offers holistic solutions for a wide range of sectors, from production to service, with its expert staff and consultancy services tailored to the needs of the sector.

Consulting Packages

• As-Is Analysis for Field and Processes
• To-Be Analysis
• Gap Analysis
• Nonvalue Added Process Analysis
• Connectivity Analysis
• Road-map Creation
DX Program
• Helping Customers To Sustain Transformation Efforts


• Digisight is the widest service package in terms of duration and area. Through the maturity assessment (Data & AI, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0) selected according to the needs of the companies, a current state analysis is made on different dimensions, processes and subjects, and a design is made for the future state.
• To reach the future state, projects, usage scenarios, technological requirements are determined and prioritized, digital transformation roadmap is created.
• A full IoT analysis is performed by evaluating the connectivity of the equipment/machines used in production in the OT layer and the level of integration of the systems used in the execution of the processes.
• The study is completed between 2 and 6 months, depending on the scope.

DX Program

DX Program is a continuous service package managed with a monthly subscription to ensure the sustainability of digital transformation efforts and to assist businesses in their transformation efforts. According to the monthly needs of the companies, the consultants continue their work on-site and online together with the company.

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