Supply Chain Management

AI-Enhanced Digital Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is the only aspect of a product that cannot be duplicated.
Evolving around efficient integration of each stakeholder, supply chain management encompasses enterprises from strategy to operations.

We, as KoçDigital, aim to provide the best-in-class digital solutions of supply chain management with ai-enhanced algorithms, transformation frameworks, business experts with strong academic and industry background, and even with our single-platform solution.

KoçDigital’s AI-enabled Supply Chain Transformation Solutions

Supply Chain Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital Integrated Planning

Inventory and Working Capital Optimization

Assortment Optimization

Supply Chain Segmentation

Network Design and Optimization

Pricing Optimization


Revolutionize Digital Supply Chain Transformation with our SCM Platform

Business Outcomes from Featured Client Projects


Revenue upside

+5-30% customer service level
+2-4% profitability
15-30% inventory reduction
10-20% reduction in manufacturing, warehousing & distribution cost

We Provide AI-enabled Supply Chain Transformation of
20+ Customers with 30+ Projects

Featured Client Success Stories

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