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KoçDigital Platform360 is an internet of things platform for corporate objects that monitors and manages assets in a way that creates business value and analyzes the collected data in big data environments.

What is Platform 360?

Internet of Things solutions are becoming a prerequisite for organizations aspiring to deliver efficient, higher quality and safer service. But in order for these applications to work together, a digital transformation backbone that will be the focal point of the data and objects is needed. The Internet of Things platform creates the infrastructure of value offering by combining connected systems and corporate operations.

There are many aspects such as hardware, communication, application, integration, data, scaling and security that need to be managed in the recipe for implementing a value-creating object. In such a complex architecture, the Internet of Things platform that will smoothly manage all parts plays a critical role for the success of solutions.
With the Internet of Things platform that conforms to the standards, and has an open architecture, assets, data and applications function in a synchronized manner to create value.

Why Platform 360?

Platform360 is an Internet of Things platform developed in accordance with international standards. Taking on the management of communication, data and applications, Platform360 enables different hardware and Internet of Things software to steer digital transformation in organizations in a harmonious manner.
Platform360 forms the backbone of digital transformation with its ready-to-deploy hardware integrations, dashboards that can be created without writing code, ready SDKs for the integration of third party applications and hardware, infrastructure supporting open source data technologies, application infrastructure that manages data and APIs, and its structure that supports advanced analytics.


01Internet of Things platform

Compatibility with different hardware brands/models thanks to flexible integration capability
Supports standards such as MQTT, OPC, UA, Open Protocol, etc.
Rule engine decides based on the situations it makes sense from the data flowing
A shared, scalable data platform is established

02Application management

Manages the authorization/access procedures and communication of different IoT applications operated by the same organization
SDK/API support provided for integration with third party systems
Management of authorization and data access privileges of users in applications can be integrated with the corporate authentication system, if desired.


Developed based on the OneM2M standard.
Supports standards such as MQTT, OPC, UA, Open Protocol, etc


Offers customizable self-service dashboards
Possesses ready-to-use widgets for dashboard design.
Real time display of streaming data
Displays historical data based on queries (for example; last 10 alarms)
Ensures visualization on map or layout pla


On-Premise cloud or hybrid installation options provided.
Scalable infrastructure to support any desired number of sensor connections.


Integrated IOT solutions

    Instead of vertical data flow between dedicated hardware and specialized applications, a horizontal data flow that feeds all solutions from same hardware is created.
    Cross-value propositions are provided between applications (Example: Product-wise energy consumption reporting based on the correlation between energy monitoring system and manufacturing information system.

Open platform/low-cost, scalable data infrastructure

    SDK and APIs offer a system where IT teams and even third party hardware and software can be integrated easily.
    Operates on infrastructure that does not involve licensing costs with the benefit of open source technologies.
    A flexible infrastructure for advanced analytics and business intelligence reporting is provided

Manufacturer-Independent Architecture

    Applications are not directly connected to hardware data, not the hardware, which provide convenience for use of different hardware that produces the same data.
    Provides a manufacturer independent architecture thanks to decreased dependency between hardware and software

Suited for the future

    Lack of historical data is one of the most important factors limiting the advanced analytics projects.
    IoT platform enables Implementation of operational projects while providing an easy and inexpensive way of collection of data that will be useful in the future.

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