Finance and Insurance

The world and our habits are changing rapidly with each passing day. Both the business world and consumers are either directly affected by this or they stood at the basis of change itself.

The biggest change in the last century was digitalization. Technological changes that shape today's customer expectations and the way of working have forced the sectors to adapt their ways and means to the transformation in this digital age.

Finance and insurance are the leading sectors where digital transformation is followed and implemented very closely.

Today, 75 out of every 100 customers fulfill their financial needs through digital channels. The number of neo banks and digital insurance companies selling only digital products has exceeded 350 worldwide.

The finance/insurance sector strives to develop its products and services with innovative solutions in order to establish a sustainable customer relationship by prioritizing customer experience. At the point where digitalization and change occur so quickly, the correct data and data processing are at the forefront of importance.

At the top of the agenda of banks and insurance companies that determine their strategies in this direction, marked are Insurtech, Fintech, Cyber Security, Big Data & Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

We as KoçDigital, play a key role in solving the most complex problems of our customers in digital and analytical issues in parallel to the sectorial trends in Turkey and throughout the world.

We create 360-degree solutions for all multifaceted and difficult problems that Finance and Insurance sectors face, such as,

• Complexity of data warehouse systems,
• Deduplication of customer data,
• Bringing the right product to the right customer,
• Churn / Upsell / Cross-sell / Next Best Offer,
• Credit verification risks in banks,
• Correct calculation of the loss ratio in insurance.
• Face recognition and image processing

Products and Solutions

01Face Recognition and Image Processing

    In gaining new customers, thanks to face recognition and image processing technologies, customers can make instant applications without coming to a branch / agency.

02Internet of Things (IoT)

    With its advanced technology, transactions such as instant damage tracking and instant premium calculation can be performed in the insurance sector, while creating safer and faster services in the finance sector payment systems.

03Loss Risk Modeling

    Insurance companies can estimate the damage risk premiums of policies before the damage occurs.

04Credit Risk Modeling

    Credit Risk departments calculate the risk ratio of the loan even before the loan is provided.

05Analytical Center of Excellence

    CRM and Data Departments make fast, understandable, and highly accurate predictions by deduplicating data from the multiple data centers.

06Advanced Analytical Modeling

    In finance/insurance companies, especially the Marketing and Sales Departments calculate churn/upsell/cross-sell/next best offer models with high accuracy by deduplication of customer data and forecasting.

07DACAMA (Data Capactiy Management)

    In finance and insurance companies, CRM and Data Departments provide efficiency by making accurate analyses of the data provided by the data centers.

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